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We enable individuals with Dyslexia to maximize their potential and have confidence in their abilities.

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A variety of standardized tests are used to diagnose the student’s ability to decode, recognize sight words, spell and comprehend reading material, and assess math skills.

1:1 Multi-Sensory Tutoring

Using the Multi-Sensory Reading Remedy© Program most students work at their own pace to complete the full program in 2 or 3 one-hour sessions per week over a period of up to two years.


In a 1:1 setting students receive: Teaching math concepts using the JUMP Math method. Assistance with projects, written work, reading comprehension, spelling strategies, etc. (Grades SK - 8)


Implementing the Multi-Sensory Reading Remedy© Program (2 days)


Workshops are held at our centre in Dundas. Topics include:
1. Dyslexia: The Hidden Handicap
2. Multi-Sensory Teaching Strategies/Games

Arrangements can be made to conduct these workshops at alternate locations.

For teachers, tutors, parents and home schoolers.

Multi-Sensory Reading Remedy© Program


This is a multi-sensory structured language program based on the Orton Gillingham method of reading instruction.

Catharine, Penny & Staff, Thank you for giving our daughter the strength and confidence to put her hand up in the classroom and to take risks. The program taught has done her wonders. This year there were many firsts. We are so grateful to all of you for teaching a method that words.
The B. Family
Dear Penny, Catharine and Staff, Thank you just doesn't seem adequate for the difference you have made in my son's life. You have changed the direction his education has taken. Thank you so much for the extra care you have given. God Bless,
Penny & Catharine Thanks you so much for all you have done to help our daughter learn to read. You offer an amazing program Thanks you for providing a relaxing and caring atmosphere for your students and their families. We appreciate everything you have done for our daughter over the last two years. We wish you and your staff all the best.
Mark and Lynn
I have some good news I'd like to share with you. I tested your son today for reading and he is sitting at a level 18 (the average for grade 2 is 20 at this time of year)!! He is almost at grade exciting! He was so proud of himself today, it was amazing to see. For the rest of the day, he listened better and was more attentive to his tasks. It's amazing how confidence can be a motivation. Have a great day and I will continue to keep you posted. Thanks,
Student's teacher

Dyslexia facts

Problems with reading, spelling and writing, leading to poor reading fluency and reading comprehension