Background / Bios

Penny Greenberg, B.A., B.Ed.
Penny Greenberg
Catharine Adams, B.A.
Catharine Adams


Penny and Catharine are educators with a strong background in integrated special education. They share a wealth of experience dealing with students with a wide range of learning difficulties.

Both Penny and Catharine were trained and certified by The Canadian Dyslexia Association (Ottawa) as instructors and trainers in Simultaneous Multi-sensory (SMT)©, as well as in the implementation of the Dyslexia Determination Test©.

Based on years of experience and knowledge running the Dyslexia Resource Centre, Penny and Catharine have co-authored the Multi-Sensory Reading Remedy© Program. They are proud to be able to provide a quality professional multi-sensory reading program and put it into the hands of a trained tutor who can then teach a student to read, write and spell.


To promote awareness of dyslexia for educators and the general public
To train and implement Orton-Gillingham based language programs
To enable individuals with Dyslexia to maximize their potential and have confidence in their abilities

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