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The Hamilton Spectator:
Reading The Sky

Read each Tuesday (March 20 - June 12, 2007)
"Jamie, being dyslexic, may not be able to read words on a page, but he can read clouds. What he sees is as wondrous as it is unbelievable — to others. One summer day he sees a man in a business suit parachute from an airplane. When he tells his family and friend Gillian, no one believes him. But, not only are Jamie’s perceptions accurate, the man is a thief who has stolen a million dollars and kidnaps Gillian. When she leaves a written note as to where she's being taken, Jamie is in a double bind: no one thinks he's seen anything real and he can't read the message. Reading the Sky brings high adventure from the sky and onto the page."

CHAPTER 1: Jamie in the Clouds (The Hamilton Spectator Mar 20, 2007)
CHAPTER 2: a Daring Heist Is Planned (The Hamilton Spectator Mar 27, 2007)
CHAPTER 3: Three Who Watch (The Hamilton Spectator Apr 3, 2007)
CHAPTER 4: Into the Sky (The Hamilton Spectator Apr 10, 2007)
CHAPTER 5: Jumping into the Sky/ Watching the Sky (The Hamilton Spectator Apr 17, 2007)
CHAPTER 6: What Falls From the Sky (The Hamilton Spectator Apr 24, 2007)
CHAPTER 7: The Man from the Sky (The Hamilton Spectator May 1, 2007)
CHAPTER 8: Searching for the Unknown (The Hamilton Spectator May 8, 2007)
CHAPTER 9: Trapped (The Hamilton Spectator May 15, 2007)
CHAPTER 10: Jamie and the Message (The Hamilton Spectator May 22, 2007)
CHAPTER 11: Will anyone believe Jamie? (The Hamilton Spectator May 29, 2007)
CHAPTER 12: Searching for Gillian (The Hamilton Spectator June 5, 2007)
CHAPTER 13: What happened in Mansfield (The Hamilton Spectator June 12, 2007)

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