Dyslexia: What is Taught

Phonology & Phonological Awareness

Phonology is the study of sounds and how they work within their Environment. Phonological Awareness is the understanding of linguistic structures of words.

Sound-Symbol Awareness

Sound-Symbol association must be taught, and mastered, in two directions, visual to auditory and auditory to visual.

Syllable Instruction

Instructions on the six basic syllable types; syllable division rules must be taught in relation to word structure.


A morpheme is the smallest unit of meaning in language. Morphology is the study of how morphemes (basewords, suffixes and prefixes) are combined into words in a sentence.


Syntax is the set of principles that dictate the sequence of functions of words in a sentence.


Semantics is the aspect of language concerned with meaning. Instruction in the comprehension of written language is taught.

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