Multi-Sensory Tutoring

Remedial program for Struggling Readers at Dyslexia Resource Centre For Hamilton Ontario and Area Dyslexic students need a different approach to learning language from that employed in most classrooms. They need to be taught, slowly and thoroughly, the basic elements of their language - the sounds and the letters which represent them - and how to put these together and take them apart. They have to have lots of practice in having their writing hands, eyes, ears and voices working together for the conscious organization and retention of their learning.

Margaret Byrd Rawson,
Past President The Orton Dyslexia Association

Using the Multi-Sensory Reading Remedy© Program most students work at their own pace to complete the full program in 2 or 3 one-hour sessions per week over a period of up to one year.

What is MultiSensory Teaching?

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